Hair Nourishment

Pure Hair Nourishment


Provides your hair with essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth.Provides your hair with essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth.
Jon Megaris Pure Collagen Hair Nourishment:
Hair nourishment provides your hair with essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth. Regular use strengthens the hair, increase fullness and elasticity and protects hair from further damage. Results are noticeable after just a few applications.

When is the last time you remember your hair being healthy? Spending hundreds of dollars on hair care products and not seeing results? Your answer to hair care products that will nurture your hair back to health is Jon Megaris’s Next Generation ALL NATURAL Hair Products! Developed exclusively for the modern man and woman who’s hair has been through a chemical journey of destruction; John Megaris, a Master hair Cutter and Stylist with over 50 years experience, has styled celebrities such as Natali Portman, Claudia Shaffer, Lindsey Lohan, Andrea Minion, Scott Feldman, Carol Silet, Patty Anne Brown and the great Elizabeth Taylor to name a few, and now has developed the perfect natural products to meet modern hair care needs. 


Having celebrated an international career, Jon Megaris born in Greece and migrated to New York in the 50s became an immediate Star hair stylist. Having owned successful Hair Salons all over New York City, worked on photo shoots, television shows, and runways, Jon was in demand and invited to showcase his hair styling expertise at various international hair shows and Cosmetology Academies. Reflecting back on his career one day, Jon always remembered how the quality of hair he had come across had been deteriorating throughout the years due to over processing and unnatural hair care products with harmful ingredients that strip the hair of its natural texture. Jon was now on a new mission, a “GREEN” mission to save hair by going back to nature to develop natural hair products that would be able to nourish and mend hair. Jon returned to his roots where the father of Medicine Hippocrates discovered, experimented and prescribed the magical medicinal properties of Mother Nature’s herbs in Greece. He came back from his homeland Greece with many secret healing botanical ingredients and along with his chemist he developed

Jon guarantees results with his 5 products designed to nurture your hair back to health! As a gift you will also receive the latest brush in hair technology the Jon Megaris Hair Care Ceramic Brush that will style your hair as if you just stepped out of the Salon! 

Many products contain sulfates and oils that cause hair to be dull, heavy, stripped and burned. One thing we must ask ourselves is what happens when we add heat to oil? It burns! Jon Megaris has worked years to develop these all natural products to save your hair! Unlike other hair care products Jon’s secret blend of herbs, Vitamins and collagen will nourish, give life and longevity to your hair! Jon Megaris guarantees healthier, thicker, beautiful hair!