Professional Ceramic Brushes


Professional series of four different ceramic brushes, exqlusive from Jon Megaris collection.

Jon Megaris Professional Ceramic Brushes:

 A styling revolution

The ceramic brushes retain heat and as such help to dry and style hair.

Previously various metals have been used as the centers for brushes and the plates of flat irons but they can burn hair. By replacing the metal with ceramics it not only does a better job but is less harmful to the hair resulting in healthier hair. 

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When is the last time you remember your hair being healthy? Spending hundreds of dollars on hair care products and not seeing results? Your answer to hair care products that will nurture your hair back to health is Jon Megaris’s Next Generation ALL NATURAL Hair Products! Developed exclusively for the modern man and woman who’s hair has been through a chemical journey of destruction; John Megaris, a Master hair Cutter and Stylist with over 50 years experience, has styled celebrities such as Natali Portman, Claudia Shaffer, Lindsey Lohan, Andrea Minion, Scott Feldman, Carol Silet, Patty Anne Brown and the great Elizabeth Taylor to name a few, and now has developed the perfect natural products to meet modern hair care needs.