Jon Megaris

Hair Stylist
About us

As in any business, I continue to research all of the available product lines so that I may bring them to my clientele

Pure collagen Line, which include:
  • Pure Silk shine
  • Hair nourishment
  • Hair texture and conditioner 

Having worked in the hair care industry for which I have worked for over 50 years.

During which time, I have established various salons. Some of these locations were on 5th Avenue New York City, Miracle Mile Manhasset NY, East Hills NY, Syosset, NY,  Woodbury plaza NY, and presently at village of Huntington.

Having the love of the industry, coupled with the vision only further enhances my abilities and appetite. As with any successful fashion company they have followed the trend of the European market place. I not only embrace the European style I have also sought it out. One cannot hope to obtain the level of standards that I have set for myself just by reading fashion; they must make it a part of their lives.

The next generation in hair.

I have been blessed with the passion guided by my soul that drove my artistry to success.

I hope you will be too.

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