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Hair Styling


Jon Megaris, multi awarded hair salon, offers the highest quality hair and makeup services. Our moto is "Why go to Manhattan when Manhattan comes to you". More than a thousand ways to prove it to you. 

Unique Coloring


With the wider color selections than anywhere else, coloring at Jon Megaris Hair Salon, is more like a game. With professional expertise, under the deep knowledge of Jon Megaris, we guarantee the best results you ever had.

Hair Relaxers


With great experience, and specialized hairstylist, we offer high quality services in our salon for staightening, perming and conditioning treatments. Also with special trained stuff we offer a wide range of Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening.

Hair Extensions


The most notable feature of a fast change are hair extensions.At Jon Megaris we only use 100% human hair from So.CAP.USA, which are made from 97% keratin, lasting longer, and doesn't damage your hairs.

Jon Megaris and Son - Hair Salon Huntington Long Island New York

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Our Goal is Simple...To Make You Look and Feel Your Very Best

Jon Megaris is an award winning hair coloring studio and design studio by his peers. Jon Megaris took the sassoon method to another level. He created a look for women that is young, sexy and fashionable. He created what he refers to as, "dancing" hair, lush and full of movement.

Conveniently located in the Huntington, Long Island, Jon Megaris Hair Salon (established in 1962) offers a complete range of hair and beauty services, including:

Why go to Manhattan? Manhattan has come to Huntington! !

Our salon is on 245 Mainstreet Huntington, New York,

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